Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sneak Peek

I know you have all been so curious. Without further ado...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Holy Moley. There is no way I can completely catch up, so I'll give you little snippets of our lives these past few weeks. Cuz we been busy.

But first let me take a little breather....

Hi. How are you dear readers? Do I even have readers? Sometimes I don't know. So, you should let me know. That would be fun.

Alright. Let's just jump into it then. We had quite a few visitors in April. My old roomie Diane came down for a couple days during her Spring Break. It was so fun to catch up with her! We went back up north to visit some family and mostly because my stepsister was having a baby shower. It was so fun to go support her. Then Karen, my MIL in case you aren't in the loop, came down for Easter weekend, which was awesome!

Next Lish finished up his first semester as professoring. One down. Lots more to go. We stayed around here for a few days after the semester was over before heading out for 2 1/2 weeks. During that time was the descent of our computer. Boo computer. Boo me trying to download something that I shouldn't have been trying to download. My bad. But now it's back and better than ever! Except how it was when it was new.

We headed up to SLC on our anniversary (Yay 4 years of marriage!) and celebrated up there. We knew we'd have babysitters so we could at least go out to dinner. Which we did. At the Cheesecake Factory. Delicious. We stayed in that area for a week, traveling around visiting family and what not. And during that time my stepsister had her baby. Welcome to the world Cash Christensen! You are so loved!
Then we got a plane. We ended up in California. Don't worry; it was all planned. We got to visit Petaluma, which is where Lish grew up. I got to meet some friends and families that he grew up with, see the sights that he saw every day, see the house he grew up in. You get the idea. It was so fun! Then we met up with Lish's dad and stepmom for a few days and we're so grateful for them and their kindness. They had just gotten back from a 2 week trip to Italy a few days before, so we know the timing wasn't ideal, but we appreciate them working with us anyway.
We got back into Utah and stayed a couple more days before heading back home. On the last day we were there, I was supposed to run that half marathon I've been dreading talking about. However, due to someone not filing a permit or something of that nature, it was postponed. For a month. Another month of training and not being able to run with my dad. Boo. But it was goal and we were going to be up in SLC over the Independence weekend anyway, so I'm planning to run it. My dad and I still want to run a race together, so we'll most likely do the Moab half in October. I hear it's beautiful! I'm excited. Anyone want to join us? You should. It'll be fun!

 As for Yale, cause I know that's why you've tuned it, he is half a year old. He's getting so big! He's just over 17 pounds now (50th percentile) and 26 1/2 inches long (50th percentile). We started feeding him solid foods and he's not a big fan yet. But in his defense, that rice cereal stuff tastes gross. Lish tried it. He has two teeth now. He got them within a couple days of each other. And he's thisclose to crawling. He's scooting and moving like crazy!