Thursday, September 20, 2012

We Go Chasing Waterfalls

Here are some pictures of waterfalls. Naturally, Yale is in them, because, as you recall, he loves waterfalls. (Do you like how many commas I used in that sentence? I know. I's gots skills!)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yale Madness

I call this "madness" only because this post is all about Yale. It's MADNESS! If only you could hear how I said that in my head, you would understand that I'm tired. And when I'm tired I get silly. In my head. Outside my head I just get droopy eyed and quiet. And sometimes silly.

Anywho, I love the personality this little boy is packing. He's hilarious and is always making us smile. I wanted to share some of the things he's been doing, partly for your entertainment, mostly for me to have record of it.

Yale loves waterfalls. No, he LOVES waterfalls. I think he has to see one everyday. Seriously. We look at pictures, watch videos, drive past them, drive to them so we can get out and look. Lish even bought him a little waterfall for his room. He calls them "wateefall." He knows where they are when we're driving around town. Obsessed. If he wants to see one and doesn't, he starts whining, "Wateefall. Wateefall." I guess they are pretty cool.

Yale loves jumping. He's crazy. We want to put him in gymnastics. He did a somersault the other day. Not just a roll. A somersault. I was pretty impressed. He also loves swinging on things with his arms. He'll even jump to something with his arms out, grab on and swing. Like I said, he's crazy. He also climbs or attempts to climb on everything. He's our little monkey.

Yale loves to talk. He's been talking on the phone lately. Like, actually talking on the phone. Lish or I will be talking to a family member, and we'll give the phone to Yale so he can say hi, and he'll take off with the phone and just talk. Most of it is still jibberish, but we just nod and it satisfies him. I love when he talks to us and we're sitting on the floor. Sometimes he'll look at us very seriously and say something in Yale while getting right in our face and wait for us to reply. Who knows what Lish and I have agreed to? If Yale remembers, he may be sorely disappointed that we aren't pulling through.

Yale loves colors. We go to toddler time at the library every week and they have a book that reviews colors. Yale yells, (I know, we asked for that when we gave him the name) "COLORS!!" As the teacher is going over the colors, Yale proceeds to yell them out. It's a good thing the other moms think it's cute. Otherwise I might be a little more self conscious.

Yale loves waterfalls. Did I mention that already? Because he does.

Yale loves helping. And I love that he loves helping. When he spills something, he's willing to wipe it up and then throw away the wipe. He understands where he can make messes, and more importantly, where he can color. He'll point to the following while saying, "Wall color? No. Table color? No. Floor? No. Orange sheet? Yes." We put an orange sheet over our coffee table and that's the designated coloring station. Yale knows this. Although this evening I noticed he colored on the floor. I pointed to it and said, "Yale, did you color on the floor? Are we supposed to color on the floor?" He already had a wipe in his hand from cleaning up some spilled milk and said, "No," while trying to quickly wipe off the coloring. Little stinker.

Yale loves blastoff. Yes, I wrote that right. Last night I said, "Yale, let's count how many toes you have." He got down to count his toes and started pointing to them, saying, "One, two, six,, BLASTOFF!"

Yale loves Baby Presley. I started babysitting our neighbor's baby last week. She had to go back to work and wasn't excited about any of the daycares she found, so I jumped in and offered my services. It's all worked out so far and for that I am grateful. I was worried about how Yale would do with another baby around (she's only 3 months) and me splitting my attention with another little human. The first couple days took some adjusting. Now he loves it and is so sweet with her. He gives her head bonks very gently (this took some practice, much to Presley's dismay and we applaud her patience). He tries to give her her binky or help me when I'm feeding her. He tries sharing his snacks with her. Yesterday I had her sitting on the floor propped up against a boppy pillow and she started getting fussy. So I sat her up so she could see what was going on and Yale ran over and sat behind her so she was sitting between his legs. Then I leaned her back so she was kind of resting on Yale and he got the biggest smile on his face. He just put his head on hers and sat like that for a couple minutes. It was really sweet. He'll be a wonderful big brother someday.

I wish I could remember everything else I wanted to write about this little guy. Right now I can't. There will be a sequel to this post though, I guarantee it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lici Visits Yale

I no longer feel like my life is super exciting or noteworthy. I know, how can I think such a thing? Every day with Yale is exciting and noteworthy. It's true. I'm just having too much fun to take time to write about it.

Anyway, we had a bunch of family come down a couple weeks ago. Scott, Karen, Maggie and Lici all made the trek down here. Maggie was spending some time in Utah while her husband finished his internship, so to break up her time a little bit we invited her to come down here. We had so much fun with everybody, and while it was a house-full, we loved the time we got to spend with our family.