Monday, August 13, 2012

Beach Babies (or Toddlers)

We had the opportunity to go to California right after our visit with the Bryans. Lish's dad owns a house in Huntington Beach, and we were invited out for a week. It was awesome! I told Lish on our last night there that vacations with kids aren't very relaxing (for those of you with kids, I know you're shocked to find this out!), but we both felt relaxed and rejuvenated and refreshed and all those other re words. It was just what we needed, and just what Yale needed.

Yale had so much fun playing at the beach in the sand and in the waves. He became an excellent swimmer (aka, not afraid of the water and even went under a couple times). He saw a bazillion airplanes and plenty of helicopters. He was outside a lot. He had his cousin, Lici, there by his side almost the entire trip. He had no furniture to climb on and fall off of, nor did he have any trinkets to break. It was a perfect vacation for him, which means it was a perfect vacation for me and Lish.

We are so grateful to Mitch and Bev for hosting us and for having patience during Yale's screaming and yelling periods. We are so grateful for the chance we had to go out there and spend time with them.  And we're so glad we got to spend a couple extra days there with just Mitch. It was a great way to end a great trip!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Florida Friends in Utah

I've got some catching up to do, but I'll split them into a couple different blogs so you all have something to look forward to. I know, I'm very thoughtful.

A couple weeks ago we had some visitors and we were so excited to have them here! Jen, Trevor and Stokes came over from Tallahassee. They were out in Utah for a family reunion, so they just extended their trip (or cut their other trip short, I'm not quite sure) so they could come down to St. George for a few days. Trevor's brother came down as well because he had never been to this part of the country (southern Utah, he's been to northern Utah). It was so fun to have them here. We went into Zion, the Grand Canyon, Snow Canyon, and just played around here for a day.

We were busy. It was lovely.

It sure made me miss Tallahassee. I guess not the city, but the people. There are some good people there. If you ever get to go, feel lucky. I sure love those friends of ours and can't wait to see them again!