Friday, November 26, 2010

Day of Giving Thanks and Turkeys

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! I couldn't go this year without letting you all know what I'm grateful for.

First and foremost, I'm grateful for this guy. He has taught me so much about life and love and handling my money. He's truly someone very special and my best friend. Basically, he's amazing and I feel so lucky to have him as my eternal companion.

Next up, I'm grateful for my family. They're incredible and the best support system a girl could ever ask for. I am so blessed to be a part of a family where all of us get along so well. We have such a fun time together. They never cease to amaze me with their awesomeness and their weirdness. Seriously.
(I wish I had more pictures with my stepsiblings. Just sayin.)

I'm grateful for this home I get to live in. My in-laws are such wonderful people for letting Lish and I stay for a year. They were so willing to allow us to live with them and they have been so accommodating and helpful.

I'm grateful for my body. I know this may seem like a weird one to some of you, but those of you who have been through pregnancy and childbirth know what I mean. And I'm sure I'll have an even better appreciation for my body after the childbirth part. But my body is amazing. It is growing a human life and we are so happy that I have felt as healthy as I have through this whole process. Thanks body.

This leads me straight into my next and last thing I'm grateful for (not the last thing ever, but just the last one I'm going to share with you because my list could go on and on). I'm so grateful for this little baby. Granted we don't know whether it's a boy or a girl, and we don't know what he/she looks like, so that may change... I'm just kidding of course. That's not funny to joke about, I know. But really, that's my humor and I think it is. Anyway, I'm so grateful for this new little addition to our family. Lish and I are going to learn so much and we are going to be so humbled and it will be the most incredible experience ever. I love that we have started our family and that before we know it, this baby will make his/her grand entrance and life will never be the same.

Our Thanksgiving day was wonderful! We were able to see and spend time with so much family. We went down to my dad's house in the morning and I helped get some things ready while Lish went and played some football (in the balmy 15 degree weather). All of the siblings there, except my stepsister Ashley, her husband McLane and their son Mason, for our delicious feast. We had such a fun time. After we ate and cleaned up and played some games while eating pie (I had my delicious slice of banana cream while Lish had 3 slices of some traditional pumpkin), we headed back home to let the dog out. Then we drove on up north and ended up at my grandparents house. It was chaos! There were almost 40 people there by the time we showed up. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, children, and so on. Their little place was so crowded and full of such energy! It was great to see so much family that I hadn't seen in quite a few years! There was lots of love in that little home. 

By the time we got back home, I was so exhausted. I slept quite well last night and it felt great to sleep in this morning. I'm glad I made the decision to not go out on Black Friday. But to those of you who did, kudos to you! I hear it was crazy. Like usual. Now Lish and I are getting ready to head out to the Jazz v. Lakers game. It should be a fun night to spend with my favorite!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Introducing our new Niece!

(I was trying to think of how to title this without y'all thinking it was our baby, so I feel that the title is a little dull. Oh well. At least I didn't confuse y'all!)

Lish and I have been blessed with a new little niece! She was born a week ago today actually, so I'm late in letting you know. Alyse Karen Woodland entered the world at 10:25am EST. She weighed a total of 9 lb 6 oz! Mama and baby are healthy, and mama actually did it all naturally! She's my inspiration! They are both home now and my MIL, Karen, has been out with them for a few days helping take care of all of them. I got to visit with them through Skype last night and it was so fun to see that little angel! I can't wait until our baby is born and then we can push those little cousins in front of the camera and have them "meet." I know they won't know what's going on, but we'll think it's precious.

Maggie and Brandon, I can't wait to meet your little baby girl! She is adorable!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Full Term and then some!

Finally. I have passed the 37 weeks mark and now the 38 weeks mark. This baby could come at any moment (though I know it won't be any moment soon) and it'd be fine and healthy. YaY! I've been feeling huge these past couple of weeks. Talk about a major growth spurt, for both me and baby. Seriously. Plus, I'm a waddler. Yes it's true. Takes me a minute to stand up, takes me a minute to get going, and then I can waddle my way pretty much anywhere. I started laughing at myself the other night because I was waddling so badly. I told Lish it was much more comfortable to walk that way and he said, "Who cares then? Keep on waddling!" And I have.

Materialistically we're feeling ready for this baby. Emotionally, we're very excited for this baby. Mentally, I'm not sure how we're doing yet. I think the baby should be more mentally prepared for having us as parents. I can't believe it's just another couple of weeks. Craziness!

38 weeks!

I made Lish take this picture of me yesterday. When he asked for my approval on it, I laughed and said, "It really does look like I just stuck a ball under my shirt." It's very round. And it's funny to me because I don't ever see it from this angle. I only get the aerial view.

I love that there is a baby in there and that it's mine and Lish's baby. And I love that that baby will be making his/her appearance soon. Can't wait!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We're so Halloweenie!

Well, I guess we could be more Halloweenie, but we had fun. We carved our pumpkins on Friday and stayed home on Saturday night, watching The Ring and handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters. Jazz was going crazy whenever the doorbell would ring, like most dogs do. Needless to say, it wore her out and she slept a lot for the next 24 hours.

Sunday was the day of the annual Griffith pumpkin carving contest that my dad and stepmom host. Lish and I of course had to join in the fun. My dad and Alisia were planning on dressing up, so Lish decided he would dress up too. It was lovely.

(My dad and Alisia were Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife, Beth, and Lish was a pumpkin.)

Now onto the pumpkin carving....

1st Place - Dallas (an owl)

2nd Place - Ashley & McLane (Albert Einstein)

3rd Place - Shelly & Brian & Hunter (scary cat)

4th Place - Collin & Whitney (Tiger Woods)

5th Place - Doug & Alisia (pumpkin eating pumpkin)

6th Place - Whitney & Lish (brother-in-law Collin)

Can you believe that? Lish and I got last. Of course, our pumpkin was more of an inside joke than anything else and the judges weren't in on the joke. Plus, they gave Collin fourth. I mean, did you see how much effort went into that Tiger Woods pumpkin? Also, I think it's pretty easy to see which pumpkin carvers used stencils (cheaters) and which ones were free hand. I'm just sayin'.