Thursday, September 23, 2010

Little Family Update

I feel like it's been a while since I've updated on how Lish and I are doing. I've talked about stuff we've done, but that seems to be about it.

Life was crazy busy this summer. So much time was spent with family and friends and vacationing. It was fabulous! Thankfully though, it has slowed down a little bit. I think this is our slow "grace period" before it gets to be more hectic than ever when little Junior arrives. We're thankful for it though, and we kinda planned it this way.

Anyway, we've been doing so well! Like I said, we had a summer that was very well spent and we really enjoyed ourselves. Lish is continuing to work on his dissertation. I'm sure he'll be so relieved when he finishes it. He's also been spending a lot of time applying for jobs. Thanks to our experience last year, we know how time consuming this is and we're glad he has time to be getting it all done. He's also teaching a class at UVU and seems to be enjoying it. His classes at FSU were always very full and crowded, but this class now only has 30 students or so. The class had papers due on Monday and when I saw Lish grading the stack, I said, "Wow, that stack is tiny!" He laughed and said how nice it was. I don't blame him. It's much easier to grade 30 papers rather than 130 or more. So he's been busy but he's doing great! He loves that it's football season again and especially loves that his shows are back on now.

I'm doing well too. Just continuing to work at the law office. I'm still really enjoying this job! It's much different from the one I had in Florida, so it's a nice, welcome change. I don't really know what else to say about how I'm doing. . . My belly is growing, so putting on my socks is challenging, but I'm loving it. Is that weird? To love being pregnant? Because I really do. We'll see how I feel about it in a couple more months. We're getting more and more ready for the arrival, but how ready can you really be, really?

Life is good! Just waiting on this little addition, which will be shortly after another addition (the birth of our niece) and right before another addition (the wedding of my brother, Troy, and his fiance Beth). So that's our life! (Sorry my post isn't so clever. I think this baby is stealing my clever juices.)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Is any one else excited for this? Because I really am!
Not only is it an AMAZING dance concert,
but I also get to go to it with
my stepmom, sister, stepsisters, sister-in-law, and future sister-in-law.
It's going to be off the chain!

I love Halloween!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day Extravaganza!

It wasn't really an "extravaganza" per say, but at least I caught some attention? Yes, I knew that would work.

We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! It was spent with family up at the cabin in Island Park, ID. We got to go 4-wheeling, went into Yellowstone (swam in the Firehole and watched Old Faithful shoot off), celebrated a couple of birthdays, ate some delicious meals followed by scrumptious desserts, enjoyed spending time outside, and so on and so forth. It was fabulous!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Day in Whitters' Life

Can I just tell you about my day on Monday? If not, too late. You can't stop it once it's started!

I woke up that morning to my husband kissing me awake. I brushed my teeth and started exercising. Afterwards I started getting ready for the day. I went to pick out what I was going to wear from my own giant closet, and although I don't have as many maternity clothes as regular clothes, I still had plenty of choices. Then I had to decide which of three pairs of flat white shoes I wanted to wear.

I went upstairs with my hubby to eat breakfast while he made my lunch. We turned on the Family Feud, a classic and a new breakfast tradition. After breakfast I grabbed my lunch made with "lub," grabbed the car keys, kissed my husband goodbye and headed out. I drove with the windows down, feeling that beautiful crispness on my skin. It was lovely! (Sidenote: I love driving with the windows down when it's cool outside.)

I got to work in downtown Salt Lake, where I work with my dad and my sister up until a week ago (she's gone for college). I did the things that were asked of me, did my job, you know. As the afternoon went on I started getting a headache. I didn't want to take anything for it because it felt like something I could handle.

By the time I left work my headache had gotten a worse. I was also starting to feel nauseous. Thankfully the traffic wasn't bad. I made it home and started heating up some food from eating out over the weekend. I sat down for dinner with my husband, his mom and stepdad. I didn't eat much. I still wasn't feeling great.

After dinner Lish asked how I was doing. I finally fessed up my state of being. He told me to take some Tylenol and just relax. I went downstairs and did just that. I took some medicine, laid on our bed and started reading. Lish came downstairs and said, "I've started filling the tub upstairs for you." He drew up a bath with dim lights and bubbles and candles and everything. I laid in it for a while, not too long as to not "cook" the baby, but long enough. And it was perfect. He sat in there and talked to me while I soaked. I felt so much better. After my bath I just went and sat outside for about 5 or 10 minutes, feeling that cool, autumn feeling. Then I went downstairs to join the rest of the family and just relaxed in front of the TV, like any good American would do.

Although I don't get headaches every day (in fact, rarely do I get headaches), you see how my life is? I am spoiled. I have so much that I don't feel I deserve sometimes. Sure, my three pairs of flat white shoes are scuffed and worn, and sure, the car I drive is over 10 years old now, but I have an amazing husband who takes such great care of me, I live in a great place surrounded by people who I love and who love me, I have a wonderful job, I can drive my own (okay, Lish's) car into work and not have to worry about the safety of the vehicle, I have plenty of food to eat and water to drink, I have a bed to sleep on and a shower to get clean in, I can read and type and write, I can walk and talk and see, and I'm growing a little human inside me.

My life is amazing! I think we take so many things for granted, and I have had such a strong feeling of gratitude for the things in my life these past few days. I hope I don't ever forget how lucky I am.