Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Shout Out...Woot!

Happy birthday Whitney! My stepsister Whitney turns 23 today, and is just arriving home from a week long vacation in Cancun, lucky girl!

Whitney and I have something that not many people have. We have both have a stepsister with the same name who's age is within 6 months of each other. Sometimes family functions are confusing.

Whitney is pretty awesome. She's the type of girl that loves to be spoiled, but loves spoiling people just as much. She does so much for her family and friends, it's amazing to me. For example, this past Christmas she made every body a bath salt ball and body sugar, homemade, for everyone (okay, just the girls I think, but still). She is a hair stylist (and I miss her doing my hair) so she'd always get free products and share them with her sister and her mom and me. She has an amazing heart. She's so caring and sensitive. She's very easy to be around. It's easy to see what matters most in her life, which is her family and her friends. She does a good job making sure everyone knows that.

We miss you Whit and hope you've had a wonderful birthday!

Monday, February 16, 2009

St. Valentine's Day

I think 2.14.09 was the best Valentine's Day I've had to date! Lish and I had a blast together. I woke up Saturday morning and headed down to our church. We had a Primary service activity that morning. We were performing a "Labor of Love" for our Heavenly Father by cleaning things that don't usually get cleaned, like all the plastic chairs.

When I got home there was a very sweet and touching letter on my pillow that Lish had written me. It was beautiful. He truly has a way with words and of course I ended up crying. For him, I had borrowed a massage table from work, borrowed some relaxation CD's and gave him a nice long massage. He seemed to really enjoy it. He said we should do that every Saturday. I don't think that's going to happen.

It was raining all day Saturday, so Lish told me we could go see any movie I wanted. Well, it just so happens that Twilight just hit the dollar movies. Yay! I know for sure now that Lish loves me after sitting through that movie with me. He didn't think it was too bad either. He said some of the ideas were really creative. Now I'm trying to get him to read the books.

After the movie we went home and I made some sugar cookie dough. While it was refrigerating we went to a Chinese restaurant and got some take out. We wanted to have a picnic, but since it was raining we set up a little picnic in our apartment. It was fun to just sit and talk and eat together on the floor. I was exhausted though, so after our early dinner I took a nap. It was delightful. When I finally woke up (it took me 45 minutes from the first time Lish came to wake me up until I finally got out of bed), we made our heart-shaped cookies. I think Lish had a good time cutting out the cookies. And they turned out delicious by the way! After we were done making those, we met up with some friends to get some ice cream and then headed to their house to watch the Slam Dunk Contest, and let our dogs have a play date.
We were busy, but we had such a wonderful time. We always enjoy spending time together. I love him so much and I'm excited that I get to be with him for eternity! I love coming home to my best friend and being able to wake up and go to sleep by his side every day.

Monday, February 9, 2009

She's an Adult!

Birthday shout out to my little sister, Courtney! Courtney turns 18 today. 18! How can my little sister already be this old? Why are we growing up? I still remember when we would throw blankets onto our ping-pong table and play house underneath it. I still remember dressing up in all those dress-up dresses, some of which I'm too big for now. I still remember playing with our Polly Pockets. (Those things are still so cool! We must play with them again!)

What do I say about my little sister? My only sister? My best friend? She's amazing. Courtney has one of the biggest hearts of anybody I know. She is so sweet and caring. She is such a smart girl. She has her priorities in the right place (for the most part, she's still a teenager). Courtney has an amazing personality. She is so charismatic. Anyone who meets her is automatically drawn to her. She gets along with anybody and everybody. She's such a hard worker. She has been preparing so much for college. I'm really impressed with her.

Courtney and I have made so many fun memories. We always have a blast together. We still have sleep overs when I go back home. Growing up, we were almost inseparable. We did just about everything together. I love my little sister and I'm so happy she's mine!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Reason #762

For why I love Lish so much!

This summer Lish has the amazing opportunity to go to the Bahamas with his dad. His dad does a couple of field trips every year (he is a well-known geologist) to the Bahamas and Lish has always wanted to go to one. Over Christmas break, this was brought up and Lish's dad invited him to go this year. Needless to say, Lish is extremely excited! It will be for 2 weeks in June.

Well, a few days ago Lish came to me and said, "Whitney, I've been thinking. It's not fair for me to go on this trip and just expect you to stay here and work. I think we should fly you out to see your family." So, I just bought a ticket 2 nights ago to come back out to Utah. I have been so lucky to make it out as much as I have, considering we are poor and tickets are expensive! I'll be in Utah with my family for just over a week and I'm so excited! We all know how much I love and miss my family!

So thank you Lish, for being the amazing husband that you are. I cherish you always.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Superbowl Fun

So, for the Superbowl we went to a friend's house and watched it on his semi-new and beautiful TV. Before the game started, we each filled out a little trivia questionnaire about the game that had points given with each answer. There were about 8 of us there, and Lish and I were the only ones cheering for the Steelers. Go Steelers!

And what a good game! It was very entertaining and there were some fantastic plays. The commercials are always fun. I don't really care much about Bruce Springsteen though.

After the big win!

And guess who won the trivia questionnaire? Me! I got 37 points. And I got truffles! The next highest score was 25. Lish got 12.