Thursday, September 22, 2011

Visitors Like Us

For the first time since we've been in our "big kids" house (I don't feel grown up enough to accept the fact that we're homeowners), my dad and stepmom came down to visit last weekend. It was so wonderful to have them here and we only wish they could have stayed a little longer. But, as luck would have it, or just absent-mindedness, I did not take a single picture. Nope. Notta one. Sorry to disappoint.

On with the weekend then! They got down here on Friday afternoon. We just sat around and chatted, they played with Yale, we gave them the grand tour (it is quite grand) and we just relaxed for a couple hours. Then we got ready for the evening and went onto campus so Lish could show them his office. Afterwards, we headed to dinner, ate some delicious grub, and then drove up to my aunt and uncle's house. My cousin and aunt were going to watch Yale while the rest of us went to a play, so we got there early enough to visit and so I could try to get Yale to sleep. Then we headed on up the road and saw Tuachan's "The Little Mermaid." It was so fun and they did such a great job. We were glad we got to see it! Every show is sold out, so if that doesn't tell you something, I will. It was good. Really good. The props and everything were really cool. Really. If you, too, got to see it, YAY!

Saturday was a special day. That morning we all went into Snow Canyon. My dad and I jetted off on a run while Lish, Yale, and Alisia went for a walk. My dad and I ran 9 miles (gearing up for another half marathon next month) in under 90 minutes. I just have to brag about this because it never happens, but at the end of the run we try to sprint (by that time it's more of a hobble-y scanter) and I started sprinting faster than my dad. I beat him! I don't expect it to happen again any time soon. Hence the brag. Moving on...after our run we went out for some breakfast at Kneaders. It was Lish's first experience with their French toast, and he loved it. Later that day we went for a bike ride. Yale wasn't feeling it so much, so it didn't last long. That night we went for another nice dinner. They left early Sunday morning because they had church duties to attend to.

But the weekend was wonderful! We're so glad they were able to come down and we can't wait until they come down to visit again!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Settled and Living It

Man, I am awful with this blogging stuff now. I'm going to stop apologizing for not blogging, because it seems to be a habit of mine now. Maybe I've already said that too, but maybe saying that is another habit of mine. I don't know. Where am I going with this? No where. That's where.

Anywho, since our crazy summer, life has settled. And it's lovely. Well, it was a weird struggle for me, but now it's lovely. It's been nice to stay at our home for longer than a two week period. And to figure things out, such as paint colors, what nick-knacks should go where, our leaky toilet that we had to replace, and our roof that was also leaking that we had to get fixed. Ah, the joys of home ownership!

The weird struggle I mentioned earlier went like this: We had been gone so much over the summer, and had so many visitors, and Lish's schedule was such that he got to be around more often than usual. But when we got home from all those trips and the new semester started, I felt alone. And I was stressed. I'm not even "alone" for that long. Lish's schedule is still awesome in the fact that he can be home to help out a lot. And he is home helping out a lot. But I just had to transition back to that stay-at-home mode.

Also, I miss having friends. Lish made me promise him a couple weeks ago that I would ask someone out for a lunch date. So today, I asked out two different girls to lunch. Through facebook. We'll see what happens. I miss having a social life. I'm working on it. I felt myself going into a bit of a depression a month or two ago. But as I was sitting in church this past Sunday, I was looking around and thought, "This is my home ward. This is my ward." For some reason, it lifted me out of my funk. I had a renewed aspiration to make friends. And to get out and do stuff. And it felt good. I feel good. And that's happy.

In other news, Lish's semester is going well. He's teaching five classes, which is keeping him busy. But he has no classes on Fridays, which is great for us. Lots of time with our favorite man! There was a meeting last Friday with the Utah State Board of Regents, and they approved the Bachelor's degree that Lish wrote and worked on last semester. It's the first degree offered in the state of Utah that is a Criminal Justice degree with an emphasis in Criminology. I'm so proud of him!

Yale is adorable. He is getting his two upper teeth right now, so his nose is so stuffy. It's sad. He's crawling like crazy. He crawls away from us (because he can't run yet). His balance is getting so much better. He can stand for a few seconds at a time. And he's walking around tables and other furniture. He's growing up fast. We love him and love being able to spend so much time with him.

Here is an adorable picture from when we went to the park last week. It's always the perfect way to end a post.