Friday, January 11, 2013

The Rest of December

I'm finally going to catch up with the end of our 2012 year. I'll just get right into it:

A couple days after Yale's birthday, Lish's dad came out for a visit for a few days. It was so fun to have him here, as usual. He's such easy company and Yale loves spending time with his Papa Mitch. The Harris boys drove into Zions National Park to go for a hike, while I stayed home to watch Presley. They seemed to have fun and enjoyed the adventure. Then we drove into Vegas early the day Mitch was leaving to spend some time walking around and enjoying the beautiful weather. Other than that, we didn't do too much while Mitch was here.

We had a couple weeks to ourselves before we headed back up north for the holidays. It was nice to have that little break with the busy-ness that had engulfed us, but we were excited to get up and see some family. We spent the first weekend with my dad, a few days after Christmas with Lish's mom, and then a couple days up at my mom's. We jumped around a bit for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but we usually do so we can spend time with everyone. And of course we had the annual skiing/snowboarding trip the day after Christmas with my dad. Everyone in my family got sick though while we were with Karen, so we were lucky enough to not get it. (Well, I did technically get it, but not nearly as badly as everyone else, and for that I am blessed.) It just cut our time with my mom a day short, which was sad, but the time we got with her was awesome.

We love our family and love all the time we get to spend with them. Thanks everyone for a wonderful Christmas!